A participatory tool

Anticipation is key in health risk management. Our approach to teaching uses the Territory approach which helps to develop this skill to better assess and manage health risks in your community.

But what is anticipation? It's the ability to identify potential future risks before they occur and take preventive measures. This is crucial in health risk management, where identifying and managing risks early can save lives.

Territory is a participatory approach we use to develop anticipation skills. It's a collaborative game that uses a map to represent information about a region.

Players work together to gather and share information about the region, such as the location of hospitals, water sources, and other resources. This shared representation of information helps players develop a better understanding of the region and potential risks.

The players then conduct different strategic analysis models based on the information present to propose action plans. 

The learning process in this course is #experiential and hands-on. You'll be mobilizing the Territory tool with other students and learning how to anticipate potential risks based on the information available on the map.

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