About us

We believe that to tackle the complex problems of our world, we need collective intelligence and a systemic approach. That's why we promote participative methods in decision-making, coupled with elements of systems thinking - to foster collaboration and empower learners to navigate the complex world we live in...

But let's face it - Many health professionals still struggle to effectively work in a team and think in a holistic manner even though collaboration and systems thinking are more important than ever right now. 

That's where we come in- Our mission is to equip you with the competencies you need to navigate the complex challenges of our interconnected world. We believe that education and training in One Health, with a focus on systems thinking, is essential to address the urgent issues facing us today, from pandemics to climate change.

Our growing community

Thomas-Julian Irabor

Assistant professor |  Serious game designer, Ph.D. student in games for systems thinking.




Coordinator | Master in Integrated Management of Health Risks (IManHR) 


Simon Ruegg

Head of OH research group and senior research assistant at University of Zurich, Switzerland


Yameogo Simplice

Assitant professor | Integrated Health Risk evaluator | Studying and Nurturing Health Networks


Lucille Perrin

Veterinary student reseacher interested in participatory approaches for community development following a One Health approach.

Ngandjui Yonga Clément

Assistant Professor |
Integrated Health Risk Approach to sustainable Small-scale Poultry Farming 


Julien Ponsard

Serious game designer using Mine Craft education.



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