About us

We believe that to tackle the complex problems of our world, we need collective intelligence and a systemic approach. That's why we promote participative methods in decision-making, coupled with elements of systems thinking - to foster collaboration and empower learners to navigate the complex world we live in...

But let's face it - Many health professionals still struggle to effectively work in a team and think in a holistic manner even though collaboration and systems thinking are more important than ever right now. 

That's where we come in- Our mission is to equip you with the competencies you need to navigate the complex challenges of our interconnected world. We believe that education and training in One Health, with a focus on systems thinking, is essential to address the urgent issues facing us today, from pandemics to climate change.

Who we are

Thomas-Julian Irabor

Assistant professor |  Serious game designer, Ph.D. student in games for systems thinking.




Coordinator | Master in Integrated Management of Health Risks (IManHR) 


Simon Ruegg

Head of OH research group and senior research assistant at University of Zurich, Switzerland


Lucille Perrin

Veterinary student reseacher interested in participatory approaches for community development following a One Health approach.

Julien Ponsard

Masters in Public Health. Serious game designer using Mine Craft education.


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