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INTE.RES.T welcomes you to the GARDEN - the online platform where you can explore the power of systems thinking in games and alternate resources for your development, enlightenment, and nurturing.

What is systems thinking? 

Systems thinking is a way of looking at the world that focuses on understanding how different parts of a system are interconnected and how they influence one another. It helps us see the bigger picture and recognize that everything is related, so we can make better decisions and solve problems more effectively by considering the whole system, not just individual parts.

Watch this video for a visual example :)


We create, test, and mobilize the potential of serious games and alternative participatory approaches for developing decision-making skills in complex situations. 


An educational tool designed to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making in various real-world contexts. 

This approach to decision-making involves learners familiarizing themselves with a region & participating in planning for managing health risks.

One Health talks

Short and engaging videos on systems thinking and other concepts linked to sustainable health for all!

Research hub

Explore our research on games and participatory approches for systems thinking.


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